Cheerful, bold colors add depth and character to living spaces

The bold colors used so much in Mexico - especially the vibrant rich yellows - are very impressive. We chose that shade for our entrance way, dining area and some of the kitchen.  To complement the bright yellow, a hot chili red for the living room is reminiscent of the wall colors often used in the drawing rooms of large English country homes.

Wall colors

Is it possible that people shy away from the use of rich colors because they are thinking it’s best to go neutral in case they want to sell the home? That’s an unfortunate reason if it’s true.  After all, it is only paint and can be easily re-coated. 

If you plan to stay any reasonable length of time in your house, consider giving the decor some depth and character.  It can take some getting used to when the painting is completed, but it definitely grows on you.  It’s hard to imagine another slightly different shade of white having the same effect. 

Wall colors

One word of caution; the deeper reds (and some darker blues) can require several coats to get proper coverage. Always check with your paint supplier to see if this is the case; it applies only to a small selection of the darker shades.  The reason for this is that the base, unlike the whiter ones used for pastels and earth tones, is fairly thin and transparent to let the true color show through. Consequently, it needs more layers  to build up to the desired color.  The end result though, is certainly worth it. 

Wall colors

The photos show the effects of these colors. The passage way to the bedrooms is neutral – probably a good idea for utility areas that need more light – as are the bedrooms themselves. The bathrooms, though, were brightened up and emboldened; cheerful isn’t it? There’s nothing like a nice bit of color to rouse the spirits in the morning!

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